Our dear Lev Nikolaevich:
Almost a century has gone by since you died.
Yet your image and aura of the spark of the inner God lives on
in the hearts and minds of many around the world.
The central thread of Love
ties us together
gives us Spirit,
and serves
as beacon to all that is decent in life.
Your thoughts urge us
to condemn the slaughter of humans,
the torture,
the suffering —
All that is wrong in our civilisation.
We are the ringing bells of peace, justice, equality,
and the pursuit of happiness.
We are the mothers and fathers who raise our sons and daughters
not to go to war.

“Stop that nonsense!“ we say.
We are the veterans who know the meaning of war:
Away with guns, soldiers and the military
away with generals and
politicians who have a vociferous capacity
to send our youth to be cannon fodder.
We are the multitudes —
the people of the world who deserve
life, liberty and universal humanity.
Yes, we are seekers of the new life
just as you yourself were
in your search for the Green Stick.

As Spirit-Wrestlers, we embrace you,
thank you, and
celebrate your wisdom
for reminding us
that life is not worth living
if we do not stretch ourselves
towards the building of a
caring and
non-killing society.

Koozma J. Tarasoff, 2004